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Pedicure motor

The Podomonium Duster suction device is a new-generation device from the Podomonium family. The device provides you with a safe and clean environment in your treatment room, as its suction power is very high. The released dust is safely deposited in the dust bag. Optional to the paper filters carbon filters can be ordered. The suction power can be adjusted from light to very strong. With this device, neither dust nor other particles of material remain in the air.

The device has a lightweight hand piece that weighs only 142 grams. The speed of 30,000 rpm and a torque of 2.9 make the treatment pleasant and safe. The direction of rotation can be right and left. The supplied foot pedal simplifies the switching on and off of the device.

  Technical specifications:

- right / left rotation

- up to 30,000 rpm

- Weight: 3.2 KG

- Noise emission during extraction: 35 to 65 Dcb.

- Foot pedal

- Warranty: 24 months (does not apply to the handpiece and wearing parts)